Unlocking High Performance Workshop

14th December,Saturday (2pm-5pm)

The Oak Tree Meeting Space @ Atria Shopping Gallery



The Oak Tree Meeting Space @ Atria Shopping Gallery

14th December, Saturday


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The Biggest Mistakes Sales Professionals and Business Owners make is they lack INFLUENCE AND PERSUASION.

Attention: Entrepreneurs & Sales Professionals Who Are Struggling with Top Performance Consistently and Are Looking for Proven Ways to Achieve Next Breakthroughs to Success

Have you been paying thousands of dollars for ads but still not generating enough leads for your business?

Have you been struggling to understand why no one wants to buy from you, even if you have worked so hard for it?

Are you spending thousands of dollars for attending courses to learn the best strategies to get more clients, but still see no results?

This 2.5 Hours Workshop Will Reveal to You:

  • How to Get Raving Fans Lining Up to Buy From You Instead of You Going Up to Them.
  • Learn the Art of Persuasion to get your Dream Clients to Work with You.
  • How to Win Your Clients Over to Your Way of Thinking (even without them realizing it.)
  • How You Can Present Your Idea like a Pro, and Get People to say “Yes” to You.
  • Psychological Tricks to Get Even the Most Resistant People to Trust and Like You.
  • How to Transform Yourself into a Charismatic Leader and Have People Wanting to Be Under Your Wings.

Ong Shu Yi,

Peak Performance Coach, Author, International Speaker


  • You are not motivated to achieve your goals now even though you may have the potential to do it. You are an expert in practising procrastination!

  • You are in lower self and are afraid of communicating with the others, one on one or one to many. You are afraid of being judged!

  • You feel stuck in your life and don’t know what you want to do. You lost your drive and passion for whatever reasons, and the sense of direction in life.

  • You enjoy saying “I am not good enough” and “I don’t deserve it” even though you know they are not helping you at all.

  • You have been wasting your time not doing things that will help you move forward in life, feeling guilty as you are not doing enough for yourself and your loved ones.

The fact that you are here could suggest that

you may be facing a few of the following

challenges if not all.

I became more certain and confident in my ability to Lead and Influence. I started to see myself as a leader, instead of a victim of life. From a shy kid in class, I went on to become one of the top business students in my university, winning several National Business Competitions and I was featured in the local newspaper for my success. I was also invited to share my experience all the way in Vietnam.

I documented my journey of discovering my potential in my first book called When Success Meets Happiness.

So did I achieve my goals smoothly after learning NLP?

Of course not. In fact, I was still continuously facing failures and setbacks in my life.

As I was publishing my first book, I spoke and met more than 500 people to fund my book. And I got rejection after rejection. And here’s what they told me.

“No one would want to read your book. You are too young.”

“You don’t know what you are talking about. No one is going to buy your book.”

“What makes you think that people would want to read your book?”

But because of what I have learnt in NLP, I began to take all these feedbacks and turned them into my greatest advantage. I refined my pitch, changing strategy after strategy until I find out what works.

Shu Yi is a Peak-Performance Coach, Certified NLP Trainer and Best-Selling Author. He has trained/coached over thousands of people across 5 countries to become influential and successful in their career. Throughout the years, Shu Yi has worked with Founders of Million-dollar Company, Self-Made Millionaires and Award-Winning Entrepreneurs.

Featured in

I was never meant to be successful

I was once that kid with low self-esteem and zero confidence. And because of a traumatic public speaking experience, I told myself that I would never speak in public again. At the age of 18, I was miserable in life, not knowing what I wanted.

We are all destined for something great!

It all changed when out of desperation, I attended a program where I learnt a skill that changed my life. That skill is called NLP. After learning NLP, I decided to went on a journey to help people become influential and successful in what they do. I published a best-selling book called When Success Meets Happiness. I was featured in the local newspapers for being one of the youngest authors with a mission to change lives. What makes this even fulfilling is that my book has been read by Top Managers and CEOs from Fortune 500 Companies and high performing students and young leaders across different platforms.

My book has also been distributed internationally to countries like Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and Canada.Six month later, I started my own educational company and expanded my business across 5 countries. Till now, we have impacted and transformed more than 1000 lives, helping people to become experts in their own field by mastering Influence.

Throughout the year, I had the privilege to work with award-winning entrepreneur, self-made millionaire and business owners of multi-million dollar company. And just last year, I managed to realize one of my childhood dreams – to be recognized as a TedX Speaker.I am not sharing this with you to impress you, but to show you what is possible for you.

And here’s my message to you. If I can do it, you can do it as well.

We are all born equal. I believe everyone (whether you are an introvert or extrovert) can have the ability to influence and impact others. And once you are able to master this skill, people simply just can’t ignore your talents and gifts. As I look back in my life, what gets me to where I am today is my ability to influence others. I made a choice to transform myself from that kid with zero confidence into an expert in my own field. And you too can make that choice.

NLP changed my life.

It shifted my focus from procrastination, being lazy, and self-doubts to taking action. And that’s why I made it my mission to share this Powerful, Cutting Edge Tool with you, so that you can apply these strategies to achieve breakthrough results in your career, finance, health and relationship.

This programme is for you if you are:

  • Sales Professionals Who Are Stuck & Struggling
  • Managers & Industry Leaders who want to be more Persuasive, be seen as More Powerful and Influential.
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs who wants to shorten their path to business success.
  • Anyone with a strong desire to grow yourself and establish yourself as an influential leader in your field.
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About Speaker:

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur…

Shu Yi understood what it takes to go from being an invisible kid to becoming an influential figure who speaks to thousands of people on stages around the world. He was once that kid with zero confidence and tons of self-doubts. A horrifying public speaking experience made, Shu Yi decided that he would never speak in public again. At the age of 18, he felt miserable in his life, not knowing what his passions are and what to do in life. He was on the brink of giving up, until he discovered a tool that changed his entire course of life – Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Shu Yi managed to transform himself from a guy with low self-esteem, to one of the National Youngest & Top Peak Performance Coach. Shu Yi has managed to publish a best-selling book, train thousands of people on stage, scale his business into 5 countries and fulfill his dream as a TedX Speaker in just a span on 2 years. Throughout the years, Shu Yi has worked with Founders of Million-dollar Company, Self-Made Millionaires and Award-Winning Entrepreneurs to really understand what drive people to be influential and successful in what they do. Today, Shu Yi is on a mission to help 10,000 people to unleash their deepest potential and establish themselves an influential figure in their field.

You deserve to be successful in your life. Here’s how Unlocking High-Performance Workshop will Help:

Discover how you can use emotions to your advantage by effectively converting fear into confidence, self-doubts into focus, and procrastination into motivation. Tap into your most Powerful Mental State so that you can claim the astronomical success you know deep down you’re capable of.

Turn Fear into Power

The Ultimate SuccessFormula

This is a formula highly used by all successful people in the world to produce results. Through this formula, you will learn how to Master and Replicate the Systems, Tools and Strategies of the world most respected and high-performing Entrepreneurs, Public Speakers and Business Leaders to create the results you desire.

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs and Create Beliefs that Empower You

Your beliefs determine how you are going to achieve your goals. Most of us have limiting beliefs that say, “I am not good enough.”, which pull us back from achieving our goals. Discover how you can create New, Powerful Mindset that automatically propels you toward the outcome you want the most.

Reframing – Transform negativity into positivity

Reframing gives you the power to turn problems into opportunities and bad experiences into powerful ones. It’s not about the circumstances, but how you deal with the circumstances that creates your destiny. Discover how you can condition yourself for success Consistently in any circumstances.

In order to achieve your goals, you need to have the skills to influence and persuade. Discover how you can master the skills of communication and deep rapport building so that you can command total influence over the relationships in your life – Up Your Game as an Entrepreneur, a Manager and a Leader.

Build Instant Rapport That Creates Sustainable Relationship

Discover Language Patterns to Influence and Persuasion

Discover the secrets behind making your ideas and offer irresistable by applying the Language of Persuasion. By applying Powerful and Persuasive Words, you can influence your boss, colleagues and partners over to your way of thinking… without them realizing it.

Determine what you truly want in your life and create a detailed action plan to achieve your goals – in your career, finances, health and relationship. Learn a step-by-step process to achieve your goals with extreme clarity and laser focus.

Design Your Destiny


Shu Yi is truly passionate and hungry to share and lead people up to reach their full potential. He has achieved so much yet remain humble at heart while having the desire to become more. He has been a great inspiration not only to me but others around him.

David Ng – Motivational Speaker and Trainer

Brian Lorenz – Master Wellness Coach

One special trait of Shu Yi as a coach is his passion to help others. He is very calm and knows exactly what he is doing. Shu Yi helped me to breakthrough the limiting belief that I had on making more money and reaching greater heights in my career. That training completed my transformation and gave me the clarity and strategies to achieve my career goals. I am now able to close more sales and make a higher income for myself. I am extremely grateful for Shu Yi's help.

Michael Teoh – Founding Director of Thriving Talents

“I have had the great opportunity to work with Shu Yi, where we have developed & delivered training programmes together to Fortune 500 clients. Being a speaker, consultant and an author myself, I have seen Shu Yi's tenacity in building value to our clients, through his assistance in our high-impact training programmes, while also being a great teacher himself, in his own rights.

Lea Davis - Performance Consultant

I had been struggling with constant peaks and troughs in my life. Shu Yi helped me through a powerful process, to bring to my focus how my personal life choices and emotional states are directly related to my success in all areas of my life The end result achieved is in my eyes was priceless. With Shu Yi’s help, I feel my life has broken free from the merry go round in which I used to just go through the motions. I am now able to perform better at work with much higher productivity and confidence.


The Oak Tree Meeting Space @ Atria Shopping Gallery

14th December, Saturday


FREE For First 20 Sign UP!

Unlock Your Hidden Potential

Grow Your Confidence, Unleash Peak Performance and Transform into an Influential Leader to achieve breakthrough results in your career.

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